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Jaclyn & Vadim



Gary "Squib" Furlong
Age 14

Strenght: killer serve
Weakness: Fitness
Favourite Player: Anna Kournikova(duh!)
Hobbies:Video games, Westerns
Backup career: Musician

This wise-craking prankster is one of the most popular students on campus, partly because of his razor-sharp wit and partly because of his sense of fun.

A true coaster, he's often accused of being too laid-back. Still, he's a skilled player-some say he could be the best, if he'd just take it seriously.
Sebastien Dube

Strength: Backhand, footwork, vision
Favourite player: Yannick Noah
Hobbies:Mechanics, reading
Backup Career: Auto Mechanic

Sebastien Dub's one suave dude. Known as "The French Prince", this international student charms the gang with his euro-sophistication and noble ways. Only, Sebastien isn't a rich kid. In fact, his dad had to sell their house just to pay Sebastien's tuition and living expenses at Cascadia.




Cody Myers
Age 15

Cody is the only non-tennis obsessed student at Cascadia. She's actually never picked up a racket. But her dad happens to work there so she must attend now that he has custody. One thing she does love is snapping pictures. She tells the instructors the photos are for the yearbook, but really she's capturing the dark and ridiculous side of the school.
Megan O'Connor

Strenght: Drive, fitness
Weakness: Footwork, speed, overall vision
Favourite player: Serena Williams
Hobbies: Cards
Backup Career: Doctor

Megan is a type-A keener who loves self-help manuals and cheesy inspirational slogans. She is by far the most driven student at Cascadia, but definitly not the most talented. Obsessed with becoming Canada's first female tennis superstar, Megan trains rigorously, never strays from her diet, and is the first one up everyday and yet she always falls short of the mark.
Adena Stiles
Age: 14

Strenths: Forehand, Vision
Weakness: Endurance
Favorite Player: Anna Kournikova
Hobbies: Fashion
Backup Career: Professional Model

Adena wasn't naturally drawn to tennis, but once she saw those outfits she never turned back. Adena sees tennis as a means to accessorize. Her tennis racket may be top of the line, but if it clashes with her eyes - out the window.

Adena may not be the brightest, but she tends exaggerate her ditzyness. To make matters worse, she's a discipline nightmare. But when it comes to having fun Adena's the first on in.


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